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Hello, my friends! Well, we are not exactly friends, but you know what I mean. Because in order to be friends we should have each other numbers. Some of you have my number, though. But, we are more like acquaintances, I would say. You have those friends you speak every single day. It can´t go a day without talking to them. But you also have those friends who you only see once in a while and when you bump into them is like you have to remember who that person is. It´s funny because you try to remember the name of that person, who is talking to you, while you pretend to remember everything about that person. It happened to all of us.

But this post is not about friendship. Today’s post is about something more relative. Before you stop reading thinking I’m going to talk about science let me tell you that science rock! And today’s post is going to be about what makes us happy: happiness and achieving our goals.

First of all, I have to tell you that I passed my Korean exam. There were sixty people at the beginning of the year, and the teacher told us that only twenty five students were going to pass. No pressure. The week of the exam, I was so nervous.

The oral part was the worst section of all. I started like a champ. When I had to say how much a cake cost, I couldn’t remember how to say twenty-five million. Of course, I panicked, and when the teacher told me to relax, and to close my eyes, the words came out of my mouth. After the big party organized by the institute, the teacher asked if we wanted to be part of another course to sit for an international exam. This exam is like the First Certificate but in Korean. I refused the invitation, because I just want to focus all my attention on the next level of the course. My brain is at its capacity at this time of the year.

I must admit I thought I was going to fail the exam. When the teacher handed in the exams, I freaked out. I went to look for my exam, and she gave me a handshake and told me I passed to the next level. I was like…

I couldn’t believe it. I mean, I studied a lot, but I thought it wasn’t enough. I was so happy, because in a short period of time, I learned a lot, and I’m proud of myself. I truly believe, we can do wonderful things, when we are engaged and motivated. I think that while we have the opportunity to learn new, and amazing things, we should totally do it.

We have one month to relax, and in August we will start with the second level. The teacher has already told us that in the second level only 15 people will pass. No pressure!
For now, I will enjoy my victory, and I will watch a Korean drama or two.  

Happy winter holidays! See ya :)

viernes, 29 de junio de 2018

It was Miss Racker's fault

Hi everybody! How are you? I know, I was absent these last couple of days. But I have a good reason for that. I would like to say I had a great week but I would be lying. Last weekend, I had a terribly cold, and a big large branch came down and took our power line. The whole neighborhood out of power. Technically, the tree was on our property, so it was our fault, you could say, but Miss Racker lives in the neighborhood, so I’m blaming her. 

Now, I’m pretty good but extremely tired. I’ve been working a lot, and I had (and I still have) a lot to study. I’m worried as hell because I sat for my final exam in the Korean course. The teacher will only choose the best marks to pass to the next level. Of course, if we don’t pass, we will be able to do the course again. But, I really want to pass because I studied a lot. Sometimes I go from Spanish to English and Korean in a second. True story: the other day I went to charge my Sube, and the salesperson asked me if I wanted something else, and I answered: anio.

 In addition, I started my practice lessons. In second year, I was terrified when I had to deliver those lessons. Now I’m more relaxed.  Nevertheless, my main goal is to pass my Korean exam. That’s why I’m not panicking about Prácticas. I mean, I prepared the lesson, printed everything beforehand, and buy nice clothes for the first class to look more professional. After the lesson, I gave my new clothes to charity. She is the woman who dry-cleans my clothes. I’ll be honest. Pretty much every day I wear T-shirts and jeans. I go to school, and right before I walk out there, there’s a wig lady who just slaps fake hair on my head, and I start the class. I like nice clothes, but I don’t wear them unless I’m going someplace fancy like the schools where I work or meeting my friends for afternoon tea (quila). 

The thing is that at the end of the day, I end up with chalk dust all over my T-shirt and jeans. There are people who don’t care, and they can even prepare tomato sauce in a suit, and they do not have a single spot on them. The other day, I put on a new pair of jeans, and I looked at a piece of bread, and somehow olive oil just jumped to my pants. What did we learn from all of this? Nothing. Nothing at all.

But something funny happened the other day, and I thought you would like to know. In Written 4, we read “A Sound of Thunder” by Ray Bradbury. Amazing story by the way. When the author describes the Tyrannosaurus Rex something called my attention. According to the description of the dinosaur, the T-Rex had two brains. I understand that this story was written right after the Second World War so, at that time lot of people did not know much about dinosaurs, and their brains.

We discussed the idea of dinosaurs having two brains. Let me tell you something, this is a myth.  According to Eric Yan, Dinosaurs do not have two brains. People used to believe that, but it turns out ‘the second brain’ is actually a big bundle of nerves. I suppose it could be thought as a second primitive brain but in truth it is not a brain. People used to believe dinosaurs had two brains because there was a large canal in the area of the hip in some dinosaurs. Since a lot of dinosaurs had small brains, the idea of a second brain to help keep predators away and have faster reflexes became popular.”
This myth started back in the 1870s. When Othniel Charles Marsh named the Stegosaurus, he said that ‘an extra-large space for the spinal cord in Stegosaurus’ hips may have functioned as a second brain that helped coordinate the stride of the animal’s long back legs with its short front legs.’ According to him, ‘The space was so large that a second brain would have dwarfed the ‘main’ brain in the animal’s skull.’ Pretty awesome theory, but rather stupid in my opinion.

Btw, on Wednesday I went to watch ‘Jurassic World: fallen kingdom,’ and it was amazing. I have to buy the Jurassic World Panini stickers album. I have all the albums, the movies, the posters, and the books. In addition, this year my students from 6th year have to read the first book. What? Don’t give me that look. It is my job to give them the good stuff.

Ok, I have to go to bed because tomorrow I will face my Korean destiny.
Have a nice week!

lunes, 30 de abril de 2018

Life, I guess

Hi, how are you? Fine? I hope so. Let me get you up to speed. Last week, I wrote a razor-sharped and breakneck fast, brutally good page-turner post for you, but my computer died. You know, life, I guess. But that will be nothing compared to what happened next. I tried writing another post on my brother’s computer. Again, I wrote a “There was no way in a million years, I could stop reading this” kind of post, and I don’t know what happened, but apparently, I never saved the file. According to my brother, I might have pressed something, and the file was deleted. Do you know “Les Miserables”? Well, I tried to write another post, because I really want to write something for you. Third time’s a charm, isn’t? Wrong. As soon as I started typing, a power blackout made me think that someone doesn’t want me to write something nice for you.  

What’s more, in Culture IV I really wanted to read “Titus” by William Shakespeare, but the girls decided that the story was too bloody. So, now, I have to read “King Lear” for that subject. Yesterday, I finished the book and let me tell you something:  

I mean, for real? That’s the whole story? Stupid King Lear and stupid Cordelia. Nevermind, I will read “Titus” on my own. Apart from that, I’m angry because I couldn’t get tickets for the new movie of “The Avengers.” I want to go to the IMAX cinema, but the tickets are all sold out. DAMN YOU PROGRESS!

 You know, I like to share everything with you, but today I have something I don’t want to share, and it’s a cold. I’ve been feeling bad these last couple of days. I looked it up on the Internet, and a funny octopus doctor told me I had a cold. I don’t usually take medication, so I asked my friends for a more natural solution. They told me to drink tea, chew tabasco, and my friend Vanesa told me to drink garlic lemonade. She said it worked for her, and it’s true. She is cold free and single.

To make things worse, it's been raining a lot. I mean, it's good, but if my hair gets wet, I can't return it. How much can a person take? I don’t know. But what I know it’s that today is my brother’s birthday, and I will have some cake and pizza. As I always tell you, we have to see the positive side of life. As long as I have chocolate, a brand new episode of Grey’s Anatomy, and a pizza, I will survive. Don’t make me sing.

Do you see how much I have to suffer last week? Thank God, this is a short one. The good thing about this week is that I have to participate in a contest about Korea. It is going to be amazing. You know, I have to tell you that I really love learning Korean. The course is intensive and you have a lot to read but I love it. All these new words and rules, it’s an amazing experience.

So, it doesn’t matter if everything goes wrong, I know I will always find positive things in my life. This is life, I guess. But what is life? Life’s a show, and we all play our parts. And when the music starts, we open up our hearts. It’s all right if some things come out wrong. We'll sing a happy song, and you can sing along. Where there’s life, there’s hope. Everyday is a gift. Wishes can come true…
 Well, I'm singing, bye!

Link to happiness:

viernes, 20 de abril de 2018

BA Celebra Japan

Hi, people! How are you doing? Thrilled to be reunited. Right, catch-up time. Last Saturday, I attended BA Celebra Japan. It was a decent event on San Juan Avenue. As usual, on Saturday I went to my Korean lesson in Palermo, and I ran to the event. Sadly, BA Celebra Syria was cancelled for obvious reasons. It is horrible all the bad things some people have to suffer. I cannot even watch the news these days. And I always remember something Ellen Degeneres said, “The weather is the only happiest part of the news. Because at some point you are going to hear something positive. You are going to hear it is going to be a beautiful day. It’s nice to take something positive because we hear all this negative stuff all the time. Then, we go out  into the world so chaotic and not that we are not going to notice if it’s a beautiful day, we are moving too fast to even pay attention to that.”
 So, this post is going to be about my visit to BA Celebra Japan, and I want to make an invitation for another cultural event in Escobar.

BA Celebra Japan was not as big as BA Celebra Korea, Ireland, India, or Scotland. But, it was full of people. When I got to the event, I couldn't find anything to eat. I wanted to have an ice-cream, but they ran out of it.

Nevertheless, it was a good reason to know more about this community. I really love watching people of different countries enjoying music, food, and tales from other countries.

The event was full of music and traditional dance. There was also a presentation of Kendo. I didn’t know what Kendo was, and according to Wikipedia, Kendo is a modern Japanese martial art, which descended form swordsmanship and uses bamboo swords and protective armour.

Ph. Janaina Gallardo 

The most important thing is that Japan and Argentina celebrated 120 years of diplomacy.

There was even a DRAGON!

Ph. Mysteris

Ok! Now, I want to make a formal invitation to one of the most amazing events in Escobar.

In this event, you can try the traditional Japanese cuisine. You can also buy traditional Japanese gifts.

By the way, this Sunday I will attend BA Celebra Calabria. 

So, if you are a big fan (or not) of the Italian culture, you are more than welcome to join us to celebrate this beautiful country. 
See you there! Have a great weekend!

jueves, 12 de abril de 2018

Scottish Love

Hi, people! I hope you are having an amazing week. I was thinking about what to write for this post. I have already talked about food, tv shows, teaching a language, learning a language, but I have never talked about one of my favourite things in the world; Scotland. I mean, yes, I have told you about my trip. But I have never told you why I love Scotland. So, this post is going to be fully dedicated to the Bonnie Scotland.

It is difficult to explain why do I love this place so much. There are some many reasons to love it. Walking in Edinburgh and get lost in its maze-like streets is really awesome.

I guess my first encounter with Scotland was when I was really young. I found a picture of a place called Dean Village. At that moment, I did not know the name of the place. I had to make a story with that picture. You know how there are people who are very creative, well I’m not one of them. I am terrible at creating something from a picture or a phrase. But, I really loved the photo, and I wanted to know where this picture was taken. I asked my teacher, and she did not know either. She told me that she took it from a magazine. So, years passed by and I met “the boy who lived.” I was so in love with the story of Harry Potter that I started digging on J. K Rowling’s background. I found out that she lived in Edinburgh, Scotland and wrote the books there. Immediately, I started looking up for pictures of Edinburgh. To my surprise, I bumped into with the same picture of Dean Village. 

What a coincidence! I did not remember all the details of the picture my teacher gave me, but I recognised the place. On that moment, I knew I was going to visit that place someday.
I started searching for information about the country and its culture. I read a lot about the battles and its folklore. All of a sudden, I started listening to Scottish music and watching documentaries, about the different cities. I learned about Nessie, Bobby and the Kelpies. I attended as many Scottish events as possible. I studied English because I really wanted to talk with Scottish people.

 By the way, Scottish people are the best. They are so nice and extremely easy-going people. I remember an old couple recommended that I should try something called “Irn-Bru.” They told me that I could not leave Scotland without trying the national drink. Of course, I did try it and I loved it.

I planned my trip for years, but life got in the way. I went through difficult times during my twenties, and I postponed my trip. But when I turned thirty, I decided to have a more positive view of life. I decided that I was going to do what I love, and I was going to do it now. I booked my tickets to Scotland, and I took my mother with me. She did not know anything about Scotland, but I taught her a lot about the places we were going to visit.
She fell in love with the country immediately. How can you not do it? Not matter where you look, you can see pieces of history. Castles, beautiful landscapes, magic and even a prehistoric monster you can find in Scotland.

There is nothing like making your dreams come true. I realized that it takes guts to really overcome your fears and say: “let’s do it!”
While I was walking among castles, and an extinct volcano, I was happy. I did not care about anyone and anything. It took time to make my dream come true. But it was like a movie, I dreamed it, and suddenly, I was there. I never had second thoughts about not going to Scotland. From the moment I fell in love with the country, I knew I was going to visit it. I did not know when, but I knew I was going to do it. Visiting this place was my motivation to overcome many bad things. I think that is the most important purpose of a dream.

Do you want to know something funny? When I planned my trip, I decided where I wanted to go. Two months after the trip, my favourite singer, Joss Stone, announced she was going to perform in Glasgow. I did not know if I was going to be able to get a ticket. I had to go to the Royal Hall Center to buy the ticket. I did not know where that place was. So, I was losing hope. When the bus from the airport left us in the bus station, I was crossing the street, and there it was. I saw the Royal Hall Center. I left my mother outside the building with our suitcases, and I ran to buy the ticket.

 I was able to buy it, and 8 days later I was watching Joss Stone live again. It was the first time Joss was singing accompanied by a live orchestra. Imagine this, your favourite singer in your favourite country and with a live orchestra. And this was not planned at all. But there is more, after the concert, I was outside the building waiting for my bus and Joss was behind me waiting for her taxi. I had a picture of that moment, and it was so crazy.

So, If you ask me why do I love this country so much, it is because it gave me hope when I needed the most. Because it gave me a reason to face many things, and to believe that I could do what I want.

So, my advice to you is that even when everything looks hard, we can always find something to hang on to. It could be anything. In my case was to visit this lovely, and amazing country. I gained not only confidence through this journey, but it also opened the door to the world. I love learning about languages, and cultures because of Scotland. I speak English, and work with the language, thanks to my love for Scotland.

Sorry for the long post, but if I have to speak about this country, you have to expect a long post from me.

I hope you have an amazing week. See ya!

viernes, 6 de abril de 2018

Centro Cultural Coreano in Buenos Aires

Hi, mates! How are you doing? I’ve been very busy this last couple of days. I have to study a lot for my Korean course. In may, I have to participate in a contest related to the Korean culture. The people in charge can ask you about anything, not only about language. We have to study a lot. So, today post is going to be about this place where I study this beautiful language.


Located in Coronel Diaz 2884, the Korean Cultural Center (or CCC in Spanish) opened its doors for the first time in 2006 in Palermo. The aim of the CCC is to bring the Korean culture to the community. How do they do it? By delivering different talks, and events related to music, art, cinema, and language. All these events are completely for free. Sometimes, you have to enroll via online for the talks.

Cinema and Art

Every month, the CCC offers different events related to cinema and art. The last exhibition “Imágenes de lejos” was a successful art event. Different artists showed their love to Korea through art.
Twice a month, you can visit the CCC to watch some of the most amazing films. Of course, these films are in Korean, but they all have Spanish subtitles.

Korean language

You can also study Korean in this place. This an intensive course. It is very demanding, but it is also amazing. You can start from zero. But if you have already studied the language, you can improve your skills. There are six levels, but you will have to do two levels in the same year. You have to be ready to study hard and practice a lot. 

By the way, in may the 12th the “Quiz On Korea” will take place. In this contest, Korean people will ask questions about anything related to the Korean culture. The first prize is a trip to Korea. Once you get to Korea, you will have to continue studying for the big final. The final will be aired on KBS (a Korean TV channel). You will compete with people all around the world. Are you scared now? Because I am. Even if you are not studying the language in the CCC, you can enroll via online to participate. It is obligatory for those who are studying in the CCC.

Music and workshops

If you enjoy Kpop music, you have to visit the center in April. During that month, you can participate in one of the biggest Kpop contest in Latin America ever.

If you want to learn more about Korea, you can attend one of the many workshops and talks related to the country. In april, you can attend “Hapkido: arte marcial tradicional para las nuevas generaciones.” If you like cooking, you can also learn about traditional Korean gastronomy. You can also learn about fashion, classical music, technology, and calligraphy.
You can check all these events, and many more, in the following link https://www.facebook.com/CC.Coreano/?ref=br_tf .

Remember what Tom Freston says, "Travel early and travel often. Live abroad, if you can. Understand cultures other than your own. As your understanding of other cultures increases, your understanding of yourself and your own culture will increase exponentially." 

Ok, that's all for now folks! I hope you have a good week. 


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